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About Full Spectrum Pediatric Therapy

Child Playing Full Spectrum Pediatric Therapy is an individually owned and operated practice located in Clarksville Tennessee. We have one physical therapist and four occupational therapists committed to helping children overcome neurological and physical impairments, behaviors, injuries, etc. Our practice specializes in pediatric therapy, including autistic and behavioral issues. We offer a safe, inviting family-friendly environment focused on helping little ones reach their maximum potential.

All sessions are molded to fit the patient and their specific needs. The same therapist will meet with a family every time they visit to insure the little one feels safe and comfortable. Sticking with the same therapist will help a child to progress by removing the stress of meeting and working with a new person each visit. If you have any apprehensions about meeting with a physical or occupational therapist, we encourage you to set up an interview or initial visit to meet with one of our experienced, caring staff members before you begin therapy.

Occupational therapists (OT) work with your child to increase their life skills such as self care, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, coping skills, social skills, sensory integration and visual perceptual skills to maximize your child’s potential. At FSPT our therapists are licensed professionals with the expertise and training to evaluate and treat your child’s functional level. OT’s training is very diverse and focuses on treatment through functional activities to increase independence. FSPT also specializes in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Feeding Issues, and Sensory Integration Dysfunction as well as many more diagnoses.

child wood working Physical therapists (PT) work with your child to increase their gross motor skills. PT’s are license professionals who have the expertise and training to evaluate and treat gross motor delays, injuries, etc caused by developmental delays, neurological conditions, orthopedic conditions, illness, and injury. Your child’s Physical Therapist will work closely with your child’s pediatrician and you to develop a treatment plan to maximize your child’s full potential. At FSPT, our Physical Therapists also have the experience and expertise with bracing, casting, wheelchair seating, and positioning.

Full Spectrum Pediatric Therapy offers events including special programs, after school programs, and even summer camp! If you would like to learn more about any upcoming events, please see our Events page where we list all of our programs.

The therapists of Full Spectrum Pediatric Therapy have been specially selected because of their expertise in their fields. Every employee of our practice is dedicated to offering the best in care to little ones. Read more about our excellent therapists

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